SHL / CEB Psychometric Tests

SHL / CEB Psychometric Tests


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The SHL Reasoning Tests are notoriously challenging. The SHL Reasoning Tests are a form of psychometric process which require several weeks of extensive training. In particular, if you have been invited for the SHL Numerical Reasoning, SHL Verbal Reasoning or the SHL Inductive Reasoning. These three SHL tests are the most popular: making it extremely more challenging to score in the top percentiles.

PassPsychometric also have specialists teams for the SHL test to pass the SHL General Ability (Verify G+) Tests. These are a new form of SHL tests which assess multiple test components in a single test.

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SHL Psychometric Report

Proof of Passing the SHL Psychometric Tests by PassPsychometric

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Looking to pass the SHL General Ability Test?

The SHL General Ability Test (GAT) is an interactive assessment designed to measure the test taker's cognitive abilities and aptitude. SHL (Saville and Holdsworth Ltd.) is a well-known talent assessment company that provides a wide range of psychometric tests for various purposes, including employee selection, development, and career planning.

The SHL GAT evaluates a test taker's skills in 3 areas: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning. The SHL General Ability Verify G+ tests are commonly used by employers during the recruitment process to assess candidates' problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and logical reasoning.

We have 3 specialist teams at PassPsychometric for the SHL General Ability G+ Verify Test. The three teams we assign (all simultaneously) for the SHL General Ability Test are:

Numerical Reasoning

This component of the SHL General Ability Test test will assess the test takers ability to work with numerical data, analyse numerical information, and make decisions based on numerical relationships. PassPsychometric Numerical test takers will be required to interpret graphs, tables, and charts or perform calculations to answer questions.

Verbal Reasoning

This component of the SHL General Ability Test test will evaluate the test takers understanding of written information and their ability to draw logical conclusions from passages of text. PassPsychometric Verbal Experts will also be presented with paragraphs or statements and asked to determine the validity of various statements based on the given information.

Abstract and Deductive Reasoning

This is the final test component in the SHL General Ability Test. The SHL Abstract test component will measure the test takers capacity to recognise patterns and relationships in abstract shapes, sequences, or symbols. PassPsychometric Abstract Experts will identify the logical rules governing the patterns and apply them to solve new problems.

The SHL GAT is administered under timed conditions, and the results are compared to a norm group to determine a candidate's relative performance.

Candidates can cheat on the SHL General Ability Test by hiring PassPsychometric. PassPsychometric will pay for 3 specialists teams in the SHL General Ability Test. All 3 teams will be assigned simultaneously to pass the SHL General Ability Test; that too, with a 100% money-back pass guarantee!

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Can I cheat on SHL Tests?

Yes! PassPsychometric can help you cheat on SHL tests. We can pass the SHL tests directly from your PC. We feel that SHL tests are NOT a fair assessment of a candidate's ability to perform on the job. For instance, if you are requested to pass a Verbal test or a Logical reasoning test for an Investment Banking role, it is completely unfair to judge how you will perform on the role just based on the psychometric tests.

Recent SHL CEB Psychometric Tests Taken by PassPsychometric!

SHL Psychometric/Online Reasoning Tests – an overview

SHL Psychometric/Online Reasoning Tests – an overview

SHL is part of the CEB/Gartner organisation who usually score candidates into three fundamental tests:

The SHL psychometric tests are to be passed online and are by far, the most popular test provider in the industry. Albeit key competitors such as CAPP Assessments, Cubiks and Talent Q are gaining a sizeable proportion of the market. However, as SHL psychometric tests are the most popular test type – making it harder for candidates to meet the minimum pass mark. The reasoning behind this stems from the manner in which a candidate is scored. For instance, SHL psychometric tests are based on percentiles as opposed to percentages thus, your score is benchmarked with a representative sample group – making the pass percentile higher due to larger volume of candidates taking the test.

If you have been requested to pass the SHL psychometric tests, this may be in the initial stages of the job application, as the purpose of the SHL psychometric tests is to exclusively progress candidates that score higher than the pass requirement. If a candidate does not achieve the minimum pass requirement, it is extremely unlikely their application will be progressed further – regardless of excellent academics, experience, answer to motivation/competency questions etc.

So, how can the PassPsychometric team help? PassPsychometric Experts can help you pass any of your SHL psychometric tests – including the Numerical, Verbal, Logical reasoning tests and Personality/Work-style test? To find out more of how the PassPsychometric team can help you pass your SHL psychometric tests with a guarantee in under 24 hours, please click HERE.

A background into SHL/CEB

SHL is a worldwide-recognised test provider to assist employers in filtering the sheer volume of applications to a manageable size that HR can deal with.

Currently, the SHL/CEB tests are heavily evolved around numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and logical reasoning abilities – with a greater level of emphasis placed on the SHL numerical reasoning test. The formats of the SHL psychometric tests are split into two key areas:

Permitted Time Limits and Questions Format

SHL Verbal Reasoning Tests

Candidates who are requested to sit the SHL verbal reasoning test, will be given a total of 30 questions and a time limit of 19 minutes is provided. This equates to solving almost 1⅗ question every minute – alternatively, you have 38 seconds to solve one question. Therefore, a very limited amount of time is given and it can be challenging to complete all 30 questions with accuracy in the given time allocated. The PassPsychometric team can answer all 30 verbal reasoning questions with 100% accuracy, albeit we do not typically acquire a perfect score to ensure a realistic reflection is portrayed. To find out more about us passing the SHL verbal reasoning tests for you, please click HERE.

SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests

Candidates are summoned with either 12 or 18 questions for the SHL numerical reasoning test and a time limit of 17 and 25 minutes respectivey. This equates to solving approximately 1⅖ of a question every minute for the SHL numerical reasoning test – alternatively, you have 42 seconds to solve each numerical reasoning question. SHL, like other test providers, usually places a greater deal of importance on the score of numerical test responses, thus it is essential to score as highly on possible for the SHL numerical reasoning tests. In addition, SHL does not permit one to go back to submitted answers, making it vital to answer it correctly and with confidence. As SHL numerical reasoning test questions typically involve greater volume of calculations than other test providers such as cut-e and Kenexa, working with speed in the most efficient manner, is what the best of candidates will implement. The PassPsychometric team can answer all the questions involved in your numerical reasoning questions and receive full marks if desired. To find out more about us passing the SHL numerical reasoning tests for you, please click HERE.

SHL Logical / Inductive Reasoning Tests

The SHL inductive (logical) reasoning test comprises of 24 questions to be answered in 25 minutes. Therefore, a candidate has to solve, on average, almost 1 question every minute – in particular, you have 58 seconds to solve a given SHL logical reasoning question. Hence, the SHL inductive (logical) reasoning tests provide an additional amount of time in contrast to the SHL verbal reasoning test or the numerical reasoning test, which reflects the increased difficulty per question. Despite the increase difficulty, the PassPsychometric team can answer all 24 inductive (logical) reasoning questions with immaculate accuracy. However, similar to the SHL verbal reasoning tests, we advise obtaining a few question incorrect to ensure the test score does not appear to be an outlier. To find out more about us passing the SHL inductive (logical) reasoning tests for you, please click HERE.


The SHL numerical reasoning tests will only offer a time limit of approximately 42 seconds to solve each given question. Consequently, there is the need to comprehend the data presented (which will depicted in graphs and/or tables format) and execute the required calculations. This must be done in order to select the one correct answer from 5 different possible answers (one option can also be ‘cannot say’ if the data provided are inadequate to answer the question). Due to the nature and difficulty of SHL numerical reasoning tests, it may not be possible to understand all the information that is given within the time limit to calculate the answer. At PassPsychometric, our numerical reasoning Experts can pass your SHL numerical reasoning tests within 24 hours.

The SHL verbal reasoning tests will always have one correct answer to be decided from the text portrayed in a given passage. The answer will take the form of: ‘True’, ‘False’ or ‘Cannot Say’. We acknowledge those who do not have English as their first language (or cannot answer with speed and accuracy) may be in a unfair position to others. Subsequently, PassPsychometric numerical reasoning Experts can pass your SHL verbal reasoning tests within 24 hours.

The SHL inductive (logical) reasoning test require one to answer almost 1 question per minute – placing a great deal of emphasis on accuracy, as the SHL inductive (logical) reasoning test provides the most amount of time per question in contrast to the numerical/verbal reasoning test. The inductive (logical) reasoning test will always have one correct answer that takes the form of the next pattern in the sequence, to be deciphered from a rule/configuration from the existing shapes given. The PassPsychometric team can pass your SHL inductive (logical) reasoning tests and answer all questions involved in your SHL inductive (logical) reasoning test, with a score in the 99th percentile and pass it within 24 hours.

How to Pass the SHL Inductive Reasoning Test

Abstract Pattern Recognition: SHL's Inductive Reasoning Test assesses a candidate's ability to identify patterns and relationships among abstract shapes, symbols, or figures. This goes beyond language or numerical data, focusing purely on abstract reasoning.

No Prior Knowledge Required: One of the unique aspects of this test is that it doesn't rely on prior knowledge or specific subject matter expertise. Candidates do not need specialized information or vocabulary to excel; it's all about recognizing visual patterns.

Broad Applicability: Inductive reasoning skills are considered essential for roles that require problem-solving, logical thinking, and the ability to see connections in complex data, making this test applicable to various job sectors and industries.

Rapid Decision-Making: The test is often time-limited, requiring candidates to quickly and accurately identify patterns. This places a premium on both speed and accuracy in pattern recognition.

Diverse Question Formats: SHL's Inductive Reasoning Test includes a variety of question formats, such as matrix-style questions, series completion, and figure groupings, challenging candidates to adapt their reasoning skills to different scenarios.

Difficulty Progression: The questions in this test can vary in difficulty, starting with simpler patterns and gradually advancing to more complex and abstract ones. Candidates should be prepared to encounter a range of challenges.

Visual and Spatial Aptitude: While similar to abstract reasoning, SHL's Inductive Reasoning Test may also evaluate a candidate's spatial intelligence and the ability to mentally manipulate shapes and patterns.

How to cheat on SHL Inductive Reasoning Test

You can pay SHL Inductive Reasoning Test Takers at PassPsychometric! Candidates preparing for the SHL Inductive Reasoning Test should focus on honing their abstract pattern recognition skills and practicing with SHL-style questions to familiarize themselves with the unique format and challenges presented by this assessment.

How to Pass the SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test? You can pay Experts at PassPsychometric to cheat on SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

The SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test is a distinct cognitive assessment used to evaluate an individual's ability to interpret and understand visual information presented in the form of diagrams, flowcharts, or other graphical representations. Here are more details about this specific test.

Cheat on the SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Visual Problem Solving: The SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test assesses a candidate's capacity for visual problem-solving. It evaluates how well candidates can identify patterns, relationships, and logical connections within complex diagrams and graphics. Diverse Question Types: The test presents candidates with a variety of diagram types, including flowcharts, process diagrams, sequences, and abstract figures. These different formats challenge candidates to apply their reasoning skills to various visual scenarios. No Prior Knowledge Required: Like other SHL assessments, the Diagrammatic Reasoning Test does not require specialized knowledge or specific subject expertise. It relies solely on the candidate's ability to interpret visual information. Timed Test: This assessment is typically time-limited, requiring candidates to quickly analyze and solve problems within a defined timeframe. Time management is crucial for success. Complex Logic: Diagrammatic reasoning questions often involve intricate logical structures and relationships. Candidates must identify sequences, missing steps, errors, or anomalies within the diagrams. Progressive Difficulty: The test may progress in difficulty, starting with simpler diagrammatic relationships and advancing to more complex and abstract scenarios. This allows for the evaluation of a candidate's ability to handle a range of challenges. Application in Various Roles: Diagrammatic reasoning skills are valuable in roles that involve data analysis, problem-solving, and the ability to interpret complex information, making this test relevant across diverse industries. Preparation Materials: SHL provides practice materials specifically tailored to the Diagrammatic Reasoning Test. Practicing with these materials is essential for familiarizing oneself with the test format and improving performance.

How to prepare for the SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Candidates preparing for the SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test should focus on developing their visual reasoning and problem-solving skills. Familiarity with different types of diagrams and extensive practice with SHL-style questions will help candidates succeed in this assessment.

Looking to cheat on the SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test?

Pay someone to sit SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test. Receive an instant pass on any SHL Diagrammatic Reasoning Test with a 100% money-back pass guarantee.


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ACCENTURE - Summer Internship Vacation Scheme, 2024

PassPsychometric has helped me hugely with my summer internships applications for this year. All employers are asking me to pass psychometric tests and PP team has been tremendously helpful. They have helped me for many SHL psychometric tests and also provided me with mock interview help. I can say Pass Psychometric will help me next year in my final year too where I will be looking for graduate jobs.

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I decided to buy practice sites to prepare for my tests, but this was not helpful whatsoever. The tests were very different to the real deal and did not add much value. The PassPsychometric reports and reviews reassured me and there is nothing to fault about their services. Thank you for such an exceptional and highly professional service. I would highly recommended to everyone and to trust their abilities.

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