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2020 CEB Tests: Sample CEB Tests & Complete Practice Guides - All Question Types Covered

Practice our 4 Free Sample CEB Tests: Numerical, Verbal, Logical-Inductive and Deductive Reasoning CEB Tests

  • CEB tests are used as the benchmark against which candidates are screened for highly competitive positions.
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What are SHL or CEB (Talent Central) Tests?

CEB is one of the leading providers in UK that conducts screening tests forjob applicants. For example, here at Pass Psychometric, every year 30% of our users opt for at least one CEB test e.g. a CEB numerical test, CEB verbal test or a CEB logical test to be passed via

CEB Tests are considered to be the first step between you and your dream job in the UK and worldwide. These tests will assess your abilities in comparison to that of your competition. On the basis of the applicant’s performance, the test will streamline the suitable candidates who will pass onto the next stage.

Statistics show that nearly 80% of the applicants are disqualified every year by failing CEB tests. This dictates that one must study excessively for several weekswith the right mentor to guarantee a pass. It is here that Pass Psychometrics makes all the difference. Our team of PassPsychometric CEB Experts who you can pay to pass CEB tests, are specially designed to help you out. Not only do we pass the CEB tests for you – we place you in the top percentile to make you stand out from the crowd!

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Scoring High on the CEB Test is Very Important – PassPsychometric can achieve this for you!

Scoring high on the CEB psychometric test is vital since a good score improves:

  • Your probability of receiving a job interview call or progressing to the next stage
  • Your triumph in the job interview
  • The salary you will be offered
  • The scope of being offered a senior-level position
  • The chances ofpromotion in the future

Does a High CEB Test Score Affect the Interview Process?

Did you know that when you are summoned for a job interview, the management team already has a copy of your CEB test results in hand?

If your score is similar to say other 10 candidates who have cleared the CEB Test, your chances of getting the job will be at par with them. However, if you score higher than them your chances of securing the interview automatically improve. You will be treated with favouritism during the interview and the hiring process. Competition is sky high and every company wants the best candidate to join their team. Scoring low in the CEB Tests is not an option at all.

It makes sense. All other things being equal, if you had two cars to choose from with exactly the same specifications and price, but one factor was better in one car than the other, you would choose the best.

When you use PassPsychometric service, you can pay experts to pass CEB tests with a 100% money-back pass guarantee. PassPsychometric faculties will ensure that you receive personal care and attention. Each of our candidates receives tailor-made guidance so that they aceeach CEB test and receive support at every stage of the process.

Does a High CEB Score Impact Your Salary Offer?

Statistics show that the average salary for a senior level ranges in between £60,000 per year in the UK. But the moment you have a high score in CEB Test, your salary package range can increase by approximately £5,000 to £10,000 per year – the skills depicted in your CEB test are valued by your employer. The uplift due to your CEB test performance (for senior level roles), is a significant jump if you consider the prevailing market condition. However, in order to fall in this bracket, you have to score high in your CEB Test. On the other hand, for entry level roles such as graduate position, passing the CEB tests with a high score is mandatory for you to progress onto the next stage – bargaining the salary is something to consider in the future!

Why would the CEB score impact your salary offer? The reason behind this is fairly simple. Awell-known company wants to hire only the best candidates in the market – they receive thousands of applications for very limited number of roles. And to hire the best, they are willing to pay a good compensation as part of your salary as well. They may only pay a salary of £10,000 extra to this elite candidate, but their output would be several multiples of this – e.g. providing value of £100,000 to the company. In short, investing with PassPsychometric to ace your CEB tests will guarantee passing the CEB tests and improve your chances of falling in the elite bracket for a pay uplift also.

Improve Your Chances of Being Promoted with a High CEB Score

After being hired by the company, your CEB score will be stored in your private folder for later review (most likely online in today’s century!). Generally, when there is an opening for a senior level in the company, the management will take into account your CEB score. If you fit the parameters required, you will be shortlisted in being promoted.

Your CEB test scores e.g. CEB numerical test, CEB verbal test or CEB inductive reasoning test, will impact the decision-making process. This is because when you sit the CEB test, you will be assessed for your technical skills, traits and competencies also. For example, during the 104 questions CEB personality assessment, you will be judged whether you have leadership qualities or not. If you score well in these CEB assessments, it will automatically reflect in your test score.

When the situation comes, the management team will consider these qualities and may offer you a senior level position. Rather than hiring for the job you have appeared for, you may get a better position and package simply because of the assessment results of CEB test – suggesting you are better suited and aligned for a senior role.

Is Your CEB Test Score Average – Or Just Slightly Above Average?

If your score is below average i.e. you fall in the bottom 40% of candidates or you score average, then it becomes difficult to get the desired job – you are highly unlikely to even progress onto the next stage. At times, your application may not be considered at all, even though the competition for the required job is low.

When you score slightly above average i.e. you fall within the top 30% of candidates, your chances of getting the interview call improves significantly albeit, not guaranteed if you are applying to competitive schemes such as Investment Banking at firms like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, UBS etc. However, with PassPsychometric’s help, we guarantee that you will score high – you can be rest assured that you will receive an invite to the next stage.

Note: Your CEB test results are sent to the company that is recruiting and will be used to streamline the candidates who are called for the interview.

The Importance of Preparing for CEB Tests with PassPsychometric

  1. A guaranteed pass on your CEB tests. PassPsychometric Experts are trained to take your specific CEB test – this can be a:
    1. Numerical Reasoning Test
    2. Verbal Reasoning Test
    3. Inductive Reasoning Test
    4. Logical Reasoning Test
    5. Mechanical Comprehension Test
    6. Error Checking Test
    7. Situational Judgment Test
    8. Personality Questionnaire Test
  2. High-quality resources. PassPsychometric offer real-life materials that are prepared by professionals. You will get the required exposure that will bring you closer to meeting your career goals.
  3. Tailored simulations rather than generic study materials. Our test material follows the identical pattern as CEB tests. This gives you the exact idea of the exam and how to prepare for it, unlike other vendors who provide only practice questions SIMILAR to CEB tests. On the day of the test, you will not be surprised by anything, as we have the entire bank of questions that you can be assessed on.
  4. Prepare yourself for anything – with our CEB packages, you can enhance your skills for all the CEB tests aforementioned, so that you are fully prepared for it.
  5. Prepare with our help – At PassPsychometric, we offer personalised online and over-the-phone guidance. Preparing for CEB Test and passing cannot be easier! Simply hire our CEB team of Experts to pass your tests and we will do the rest!

CEB Behavioural Tests: what does it encompass?

The CEB Behavioural tests emphasises on the personality traits and behavioursimperative for the job – this includes both the employer and the role. No two jobs are the same and the quality required for them is not identical also. The CEB behavioural team of Experts will pass your assessment recognising what skills and traits the candidate must possess – aligning the answers to the company (e.g. core values, history, culture etc) also.

Does Everyone Have a Chance to Excel?

Arguably, everyone can excel at CEB tests – but time is limited and CEB tests continually change the way they assess and benchmark test scores. Some candidates may pass psychometric tests after practising only for several weeks, whilst other candidates may take several months to truly be confident in passing. PassPsychometric recognises your time is precious and rather than spending a substantial level of time and resources in preparing for CEB tests, we offer a 100% money-back pass guarantee – our CEB team of Experts will pass the tests for you. PassPsychometric also offers a LIVE screen-share facility if you wish to communicate directly with the team of Experts!

Why do you not get in contact and try our service? We are just an email or phone call away!

CEB Sample Questions & Expert Solving Tips – how PassPsychometric will help

With our personalised CEB support, you will be assigned a team of CEB Experts who can pass the tests for you independently or via screen-share from your PC. Besides this, we can provide study guides, accurate simulations and drills that cover every type of CEB Test namely numerical, verbal, inductive, SJT (situational judgment test) and behavioural questions.


- Actuarial Graduate Programme, 2020

PassPsychometric offered me superb CEB TeamViewer aptitude test support which helped in 2 ways. 1. I got certainty in their Experts abilities. 2. It was the best practice preparation possible . Seeing the PassPsychometric Experts answer the real online tests was a very valuable resource. 100% recommend it!

- Summer Internship Vacation Scheme, 2020

PassPsychometric has helped me hugely with my summer internships applications for this year. All employers are asking me to pass psychometric tests and PP team has been tremendously helpful. They have helped me for many CEB psychometric tests and also provided me with mock interview help. I can say Pass Psychometric will help me next year in my final year too where I will be looking for graduate jobs.

- Global Banking Global Graduate Programme, 2020

I decided to buy practice sites to prepare for my tests, but this was not helpful whatsoever. The tests were very different to the real deal and did not add much value. The PassPsychometric reports and reviews reassured me and there is nothing to fault about their services. Thank you for such an exceptional and highly professional service. I would highly recommended to everyone and to trust their abilities.