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We are so confident in Our Services, that we offer a full refund immediately if you do not meet the benchmark!

We are so confident in Our Services, that we offer a full refund immediately if you do not meet the benchmark!


Please find below, reviews provided by our previous clients commenting on our services. You are also welcome to visit our Psychometric Test Reports page to validate the scores we can obtain for you by clicking here. Note: the system does not upload the reviews on a daily basis and new reviews will be uploaded shortly.


 by Joanne
CV and application help

Good help for my CV - they are very professional and are happy to make more amendments to my CV upon requesting. Also filled in my application forms to save me time.

They did an amazing job on my GRE with a score of 336/340!

Hi Joanna,It was a pleasure in helping you improve your CV and writing the answers to your application - we can help at every given stage of an application, from filling the application in, to passing psychometric tests and to the final interview!Regards,PassPsychometric Team

 by Sanjna
Failing is not an option!

PassPsychometric was excellent help with passing my SHL numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests. I did lots of practice but the real Logical test was more difficult than I initially thought - which meant I could not apply for the first company for a whole recruitment year. I am never going to make that mistake again!

Thank you for the detailed review Sanjna. We are glad you have come across our services as you can now not be worried that you will need to wait an entire recruitment year to apply to your employer, by failing the online psychometric tests. We offer a guaranteed pass as you may be aware!

 by Sharon
Pretty good

I passed the test and was not a long winded process as I initially thought.

 by Lawrence Yates
New Employer

I am in the process of changing my employer and was required to sit a set of online shl reasoning tests. I fortunately came across PassPsychometric who have done a terrific job and I have been called for a final interview.

 by Charlotte
SHL tests

I had 3 very hard SHL tests to take - I spent a lot of time practising on sites which offer practice questions. But it was still very challenging and hard to grasp (not being from a technical background).

But PP's guaranteed offer was one I could not resist! They were very very helpful and gave me the chance for the tests to be taken together also

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