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Pay Experts to pass Situational Judgment Test (SJT)

Have you been requested to sit a Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs)? You can now pay someone to sit a SJT at PassPsychometric! PassPsychometric have a team of vetted SJT specialists who can be hired to sit a SJT. There are many ways to pass SJT tests:

Whilst many candidates believe there is ‘no right or wrong answer’ in SJTs, the reality is far from this. The SJTs are an essential component of many recruitment and selection processes, which must be passed by aligning the answers according to the Job Description and Employer. An SJT will assess your ability to make sound decisions and judgments in various workplace scenarios. This is where PassPsychometric can give you help in passing SJTs, by offering a team of professional test takers specifically designed to pass SJTs.

Situational Judgement Test

Hire Experts to sit Situational Judgement Tests

Whichever organisation or industry you apply for, the requirement to pass situational judgement tests (also known as SJT) is always rising: especially for senior roles. Approximately, 75% of UK Times Top 100 and 80% of US Fortune 500 Companies, are assessing the candidates future based on this. If you are looking to pay someone to sit situational judgement psychometric tests, or simply want to pay someone to 'Sit My SJT ', then PassPsychometric are here to help! We can help you cheat on SJT tests to gain perfect scores (with strict confidentiality) for your psychometric tests across any test provider.

PassPsychometric can sit ANY form of test provider (the above is an example of the most popular test providers).

What is a Situational Judgment Test (SJT)?

SJT is an assessment tool designed to evaluate how individuals handle real-life situations they might encounter in a professional setting. For example, you may have applied to an Investment Bank (Morgan Stanley, UBS, Goldman Sachs) or to a Big4 (PwC, KPMG, EY, Deloitte). Such firms will request you to sit a SJT to determine how suitable your skillsets are to their core values, history and culture in addition to the job profile. Typically presented in the form of multiple-choice questions, SJTs require test-takers to choose the most appropriate action or decision from a list of options. The SJT tests aim to gauge your judgment, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal skills. You can pay someone to sit SJT at PassPsychometric who offer a 100% money-back pass guarantee.

PassPsychometric have helped clients secure positions at the most prestigious universities in the world, including:

What is a SHL SJT?

Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) created by SHL (formerly known as Saville and Holdsworth Limited) are one of the most popular SJTs that you may be requested to sit. A SHL SJT will evaluate your ability to make effective decisions in work-related scenarios. SHL SJTs are tailored to specific job roles and industries which make them a valuable tool for employers to assess a candidate's suitability for a position. For example, Amazon and TfL employ SHL to host their SJT: you must answer correctly to proceed to the interview stage.

SHL SJTs typically present a series of realistic workplace scenarios. Test-takers are required to choose the most appropriate action or response from a list of options. The scenarios are designed to reflect situations that candidates may encounter in their potential job roles. These tests assess various competencies, including problem-solving, interpersonal skills, leadership, and ethical decision-making.

Why Are SJTs Important?

Real-World Relevance: SJTs replicate scenarios that candidates are likely to face in their roles. The SJTs help employers assess how well you align with the company's values and how effectively you handle common workplace situations. Our team at PassPsychometric will conduct in-depth research into the employer you have applied for in addition to your specific role.

Predictive Validity: Research has shown that SJTs are strong predictors of job performance. Candidates who perform well on SJTs tend to exhibit desirable on-the-job behaviours and decision-making skills in the actual job. PassPsychometric can be hired to engineer the answers on the SJT with expectations from the employer and test provider.

Fair and Unbiased: SJTs are designed to be fair and unbiased, reducing the potential for discrimination in the hiring process. The SJT will focus on assessing competencies rather than background or personal characteristics. However, a SJT does have a pass and fail benchmark: an algorithm will determine if you are successful to the next stage. Experts at PassPsychometric know the framework to achieve to pass the SJT.

DWP - Department of Work & Pensions - SJT Passed


PassPsychometric can help on all test providers, including: SHL, CEB, Talent Central, Cubiks, Kenexa, TalentQ, Korn Ferry, map-tq, cut-e and many more!

PassPsychometric offer a 100% money-back pass guarantee to help you secure your dream job, and pass the hurdle of SJT tests.

How PassPsychometric Can Help You Excel in SJTs:

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Professional SJT Test Takers

You can pay someone to sit your SJT at PassPsychometric. We have a team of specialists in SJTs who are trained to produce answers for SJTs in-line with the companies core values, history and culture. These are key aspects to pass a SJT but the skillset based on the Job Description must also be considered.

Comprehensive SJT Resources

PassPsychometric offers a comprehensive library of SJT practice materials, meticulously crafted to simulate real-world scenarios. Our questions cover a wide range of industries and job roles, ensuring that you are well-prepared for any SJT you may encounter.

Expert SJT Guidance

Our team of SJT experts includes psychologists and professionals who understand the intricacies of SJTs. Our SJT experts will provide guidance on tackling different types of scenarios, making optimal decisions, and addressing common pitfalls.

Realistic Mock Tests

Practice makes perfect. PassPsychometric's realistic mock SJTs help you familiarise yourself with the format, time constraints, and difficulty level of actual SJT assessments. Gain confidence through regular practice of SJTs.

Personalised Feedback

Receive detailed feedback on your practice SJTs, highlighting areas for improvement. This personalised approach ensures you can enhance your decision-making skills for SJTs effectively.

100% Money-Back Pass Guarantee

PassPsychometric are so confident in our SJT resources and guidance, that we offer a 100% money-back pass guarantee. If you use our materials or pay someone to sit a SJT at PassPsychometric and you do not succeed in your SJT, we will refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.

Scenario 1:

You are a manager in a retail store. One of your employees, Sarah, consistently arrives late for her shifts. This has begun to disrupt the team's workflow, and other employees are becoming frustrated. How would you handle this situation?

A) Ignore the issue and hope it resolves itself.

B) Speak to Sarah privately to understand the reasons for her lateness and offer support if needed.

C) Publicly reprimand Sarah during a team meeting to set an example.

D) Tell Sarah's colleagues to adjust their schedules to accommodate her.


The most appropriate response is B) Speak to Sarah privately to understand the reasons for her lateness and offer support if needed. This option demonstrates effective leadership and a willingness to address the issue in a constructive and empathetic manner.

Scenario 2:

You are a project manager working on a tight deadline. Your team is struggling to meet the project milestones, and tensions are rising. You notice that one team member, Alex, is taking on an excessive workload to compensate for others. What should you do?

A) Praise Alex for their dedication and encourage them to continue working harder.

B) Reallocate the workload to balance it among the team members.

C) Ignore the issue and hope that it resolves itself over time.

D) Confront Alex in front of the team to address their excessive workload.


The most appropriate response is B) Reallocate the workload to balance it among the team members. This option demonstrates effective project management skills by addressing the issue of an uneven workload and promoting collaboration within the team.

These practice questions illustrate the types of scenarios you might encounter in an SHL SJT. When preparing for SHL SJTs, it's essential to carefully read each scenario, consider the potential consequences of each response, and choose the option that demonstrates the most effective and ethical decision-making. Remember that SHL SJTs assess not just your ability to make decisions but also your interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.

If you want to urgently pass a SJT, simply email We have a team of SJT Experts who you can hire to pass the SJT within 24 hours!

Conclusion: How to pass SJT tests

Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) are a crucial part of today's recruitment landscape. With PassPsychometric, we have a team of SJT experts that you can pay to sit the SJT and pass any SJT within 24 hours. PassPsychometric have a comprehensive set of SJT resources where you can receive tailored expert SJT guidance: all with a 100% money-back pass guarantee!

We have free tips below. They are really very useful and you are sure to benefit out of them.

Try and follow these tips as much as you can. Alternatively, the easiest solution with a 100% money-back pass guarantee is to pay someone to sit SJT test at PassPsychometric.


SJT Exam - Barclays, Investment Banking

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SJT Test - Amazon, Area Manager

I knew I was fully equipped to perform well on the Area Manager role at Amazon. However, I was invited to sit the SHL SJT Test to progress onto the next stage at Amazon. So, I searched online for SJT Answers and I found PassPsychometric who took my SJT Test for me!

SJT Test - Civil Service, Fast-stream

Being a civil servant is a dream job of mines and I have always failed the Civil Service psychometric Tests. I find the SJT very challenging to pass and I have repeatedly failed the Civil Service SJT... until I got referred to this website!!! They absolutely aced my Civil Service Psychometric tests and also took my Numerical test with a 95% score! I am invited to the interview stage which they have promised to help me out on also.

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