Private tuition is an investment in your future. Welcome to our Gold Standard of Maths Tuition

Looking for a friendly, approachable and experienced tutor at competitive rates? Look no further! We offer one-to-one tailored tutoring to match the ability of the tutee. We work at the pace the pupil feels comfortable with – working on areas of weakness. Skype sessions or face-to-face tuition is possible depending on the availability of our talented Tutors.

Why Us

Our Tutors have all acquired over 570 UCAS points (equivalent to over 4 A*’s at A-Level) and several A*’s at GCSE – obtaining a First Class in highly numerate Degrees. Several of our students have increased their grades and surpassed their predicted grade by at least one predicted grade. We are competent in teaching all academic year groups up to A-Level inclusive in any syllabus coverage – setting homework every lesson.

Furthermore, while many tutors may offer tuition regarding the material – we pride ourselves helping students develop less tangible skills – Exam technique and, crucially, Confidence. The value of adding confidence is phenomenal – impacting grades significantly given the “it’s how you perform on the day” factor. For any students who are at all panicked, nervous or worried by looming exams, we are responsible that this is no longer an issue by exam day.

We make the effort and take the time to get to know our students – building a relationship of trust and maintaining excellent rapport. This is of paramount importance, as a student needs to feel comfortable enough to ask questions – no matter how trivial they think the question is.

Our performance speaks for itself, evident through our proven track record and feedback from our students.

Exam Boards

We teach a range of exam boards including Edexcel, AQA, OCR, MEI and WJEC. If there is a requirement for a different exam board, feel free to contact us and we will attempt to accommodate this request.

Our Tutors

We are very enthusiastic for our students to unlock their true potential. In several cases students may give up on learning, as they may use the approach of memorising the content. Our teaching method ensures that students can answer questions that are phrased differently or look unfamiliar. The real difference between the top student and the mediocre student lies not in ability, but in knowledge and technique. This knowledge and technique can be taught. Personalised homework is set weekly to ensure the pupil is up to speed and are consistently focused. As always, we are more than happy to help for any urgent questions.

Where we can help

We can help on all academic years: SATs, GCSE and A level Maths & Further Maths (C1-C4,FP1-FP3,M1,M2,S1,S2 & D1) inclusive and entrance exams (STEP, MAT and AEA). We also play a key role in preparing students for any university applications which includes but is not limited to; help with UCAS application, help choosing course and university, and mock interviews.

Our Tutors can also provide assistance on Assignments, Homework or Access Courses and Intensive Projects (Dissertation/coursework’s, exam/admissions preparation etc).

Teaching method

We believe each and every student is an ‘A* student’. However, that potential has to be applied. Our vision is making that potential into reality – which we have demonstrated in the past on countless occasions upon past students. Via our one-to-one tailored tutoring approach, the lessons are customised to match the requirements of the tutee; in order to ensure that they are completely prepared to achieve the optimal grade.

The entire syllabus is taught in a way that is VERY EASY to understand – going through questions in a step-by-step method. Many of our students have had experience with other tutors but felt their teaching method was not suitable. However via our personalised tutoring approach, they feel at ease and are comfortable in asking questions.

The Process

We raise attainment initially, by making our students comfortable with the fundamentals of mathematics. Then we move onto progressively more difficult concepts, using past exam paper questions to measure understanding and familiarise students with the style of questions they will face in their final exam. Our Tutors take note of, and constantly reinforce areas that need further developing, reviewing them periodically to make sure that the student has a true understanding of the concept at hand.

We emphasise the importance of understanding, rather than learning a static procedure. and we strive to achieve understanding with all the students. If the student prefers, a ‘tutoring plan’ can be created, which will outline the aims and objectives for the tutoring session as well as provide a schedule for what we will cover. Additionally, for those students who commit to frequent tutoring sessions a ‘working folder’ can be arranged which is tailored to their needs and requirements – containing resources and the notes from each tutoring session.

Our Love for Maths

We search for opportunities to create a sense of awe about mathematics – aiming to develop an eternal love of the subject. Our Tutors encourage students to be intellectually curious and inspire them to pursue academic lines of enquiry. Our Tutors are competent in deriving formulae and theorems from first principles – helping out students to truly understand mathematics. The aim is to motivate students to be proactive about their learning and fall in love with the process.

Our Belief

Our belief is that the key to longstanding academic success is to encourage a genuine curiosity, which expands well beyond the limitations of government syllabi, paving the way for study and understanding at the highest level. We fundamentally believe that every student is capable of attaining the top grades in mathematics – given they have the right guidance and are willing to put in the work. Our breadth of experience and qualifications place us in a perfect position to help students attain and surpass their target grade. We appreciate that each student has a different learning style and our tutoring reflects this. We adopt a variety of different methods, to tackle a given question or explain a given mathematical concept.


- A-Level Edexcel

The tutor is very considerate and patient. He explains difficult topics very easily and makes sure that I understand how to deal with the question. I did not know how to solve nonlinear simultaneous equations before, but now I can do them easily!


Straight and to the point. The lessons are lively and interactive. I am starting to enjoy maths!


I was predicted a grade C in GCSE maths and within a few weeks, I had a mock test and I was so delighted to get an A grade – thanks to the method of teaching.

- GCSE Edexcel

At the outset, it was clear that the website is professional and organised. A study plan at the start that suited my son’s needs and proceeded to offer well structured and clear sessions. It was also great that he would plan and set homework, relevant to my son’s needs.

- A-Level AQA

Isabella’s mock exam grade was pretty horrific. The tutor understood where she was weak on and was able to boost her grade beyond what we expected. I have given 4 Star as there was a waiting list for Isabella to receive tutoring – I can now see why!

- A-Level OCR

Great website – my son’s grade has been lifted hugely to meet the requirements for his chosen University – such a relief and we are so grateful

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