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We are so confident in Our Services, that we offer a full refund immediately if you do not meet the benchmark!

Short on time? Let Our Psychometric Test Experts take your test for you


Receive comprehensive application support at every stage

Too many commitments?

Not enough time?

Need to get good marks?

PassPsychometric is your solution!

PassPsychometric is a comprehensive network that specialises at every stage of the application process from: writing your CV, to excelling at online Psychometric Tests, acing Assessment Centres and impressing your potential employers at interviews.

We provide complete tuition in order to alleviate you from any unnecessary concerns. In many cases, job searching and application processes lead to vast amounts of pressures to out-perform competitors. PassPsychometric will remove these worries and allow you to succeed without having to deal with the stress of sleepless nights. Let us take care of your application for you, while you turn your attention to other important parts of your life.

PassPsychometric will strive to achieve the highest performance possible and we offer a full refund policy for anything that we do not deliver. We are the best in this particular business – having served people from many different countries and continents. Let our work speak for itself.

PassPsychometric all-inclusive Employment and University Services

Support for: CV, Cover Letters, Psychometric Tests, Video Interviews, Assessment Centres and Final Stage Interviews!

About PassPsychometric: receive end-to-end support for each and every stage of the application process! Whether you are looking to create your CV from scratch, or simply want help on the final stage interview for your dream job, PassPsychometric has you covered.

Our breadth of teams can assist you in sourcing the exact video interview questions also! Why have to worry about preparing your video interview answer in jut under 2 minutes? Our team are well-connected with leading HR and hiring managers at top firms including: Goldman Sachs, Rothschild, UBS, Barclays, PwC, KPMG, Clifford Chance and many more! We use our strong connections to help our candidates truly stand out from the crowd and optimise the chances to maximum potential.

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