Verbal Reasoning Tests


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Verbal Reasoning Tests – an overview

Verbal reasoning tests cover a range of tests that require you to make an inference based on a given passage of written text. Candidates are required to digest, comprehend and meticulously evaluate written information. Verbal reasoning tests usually provide a passage of text (that may be several sentences in length), and require candidates to answer questions in a ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘cannot say’ basis pertaining to the information portrayed in that passage only. Verbal reasoning tests are commonly assessed with other aptitude tests, such as Inductive/Logical Reasoning Tests and Verbal Reasoning Tests – our Verbal experts can help you pass on any online test; whatever the deadline directly from your PC!

Verbal Reasoning Tests – how PassPsychometric can help you pass

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Verbal Reasoning Tests – what is involved

Multiple-choice questions usually with three options – True, False or Cannot Say
Timed on entire verbal reasoning test or each question – depending on test provider
Free use of pen and paper
Both online and paper based verbal reasoning tests are available

Verbal Reasoning Tests – abilities being assessed

Vocabulary – understand the meaning of terms used in the passage and question
Comprehension – understand written information, analyse it and interpret what you have read to answer questions
Critical reasoning – how you making an inference based on the given data only
Speed and accuracy (although the weighting varies depending on the test provider)

Verbal Reasoning Tests – key test providers PassPsychometric can pass for you

SHL (CEB) verbal reasoning tests
Talent Central verbal reasoning tests
Kenexa (IBM Corporation) verbal reasoning tests
Korn Ferry verbal reasoning tests
Talent Q verbal reasoning tests
Saville verbal reasoning tests
Cubiks verbal reasoning tests
Cut-e Partnership verbal reasoning tests
Test Partnership verbal reasoning tests
Revelian verbal reasoning tests
CAPP Immersive verbal reasoning tests
And more!


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I am good at working under pressure, but the Talent Q Korn Ferry verbal reasoning tests are horrendous. The time limit is very short to read, digest and draw analysis from the passage. PassPsychometric took my Talent Q Korn Ferry verbal reasoning test on the same day and I received an email later that day to confirm the verbal reasoning tests have been passed. - thank you!