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PassPsychometric is the world's leading comprehensive network that specialises at every stage of the application process from: writing your CV/application, to passing online Psychometric Tests, acing Assessment Centres and impressing your potential employers at interviews. You can pay PassPsychometric to pass your Numerical, Verbal, Logic, Diagrammatic, Inductive, Abstract, SJT, Personality and other psychometric tests - alleviating you from any unnecessary concerns of how to pass the daunting online reasoning psychometric tests!

PassPsychometric can help you pass your psychometric and online reasoning tests for test providers: SHL/CEB (Gartner), TalentQ, CAPP, Kenexa, Cubiks, CAPP, cut-e, Saville, Watson Glaser, Revelian and many more!

  • Over 12 years experience
  • PassPsychometric's roots begun 12 years ago, when we confessed psychometric tests were unfairly being used to assess a candidate's ability to perform on their role. Since then, PassPsychometric have served hundreds of clients - helping them secure the job of their dreams! Let us be fortunate to join you on this journey which will play an important role in your future goals.
  • Professional Staff
  • PassPsychometric assign a team of 2 experienced Experts that specialise in your particular test-type AND test provider. You can hire PassPsychometric to pass your psychometric test - guaranteeing a 100% pass. Our Experts receive continual training on one specific test type and test provider hence, the team at PassPsychometric are always familiar of the latest methodology, security and confidentiality measures.

    The team at PassPsychometric truly makes us stand out - no other entity can offer the same level of professionalism and match the level of importance PassPsychometric enforce on customer privacy and security.
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority at PassPsychometric - we ask for nothing more than customers who are delighted with our services. PassPsychometric take's passionate concern in your application and we wish to fulfil your dreams. The job you pursue will play a large role in your life so, the PassPsychometric team consists of professionals who can pass the tests first time round. Why not view PassPsychometric Reports and PassPsychometric Reviews (both on our site and on social media)?

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