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We are so confident in Our Services, that we offer a full refund immediately if you do not meet the benchmark!

Please find below, reviews provided by our previous clients commenting on our services. You are also welcome to visit our Psychometric Test Reports page to validate the scores we can obtain for you by clicking here. Note: the system does not upload the reviews on a daily basis and new reviews will be uploaded shortly.



I am dissapointed that I did not find these guys earlier!

by Himanshu [Boots]

Watson Glasor


I was required to pass the watson glasor test for my clifford chance application. I failed it before and found passpsychometric who passed it for me instantly. Thanks.

by JB [McDonald's]

Hi JB,We are pleased you have progressed onto the next stage of your Law application with Clifford Chance - let us know how you progress or if you need any other support.Regards,PassPsychometric Team

Superb Help


A very easy and professional job was delivered by their team of experts. I have obtained the job and leaved the review as I promised if the tests were passed. Thanks so much!

by Tatiana [UBS]

Dear Tatiana,Congratulations on securing the job! We are sure you will perform great work during your time at the new employer.Regards,PassPsychometric Team



passed all my saville and shl tests with the great speed and confidentiality

by Olivia [E.ON]

Hi Olivia,Thank you for concise response - it was our pleasure in helping you with the Swift consulting tests and the SHL assessments.Regards,PassPsychometric Team

Absolutely Great


Really great service - I seriously couldn't have done it without passpsychometric. Secured the job and passed the interview but it is harsh that you don't get close to an interview if the tests are not passed.

by Alexander [Lloyd's]

SHL Tests


Their team passed my SHL CEB psychometric tests in under 2 days from my initial email. If that is not quick, I do not know what is!

by Sandy [CMS]

Hi Sandy,It is great to hear you are contempt with our quick turn-around time. One factor PassPsychometric takes great pride in, is indeed our speedy and professional services!Regards,PassPsychometric

Very Impressive


I wanted to pass the SHL tests which I failed on all occasions... prior to finding this website! They have always passed my SHL tests and I have used them for other test providers like TalentQ also. So they are very good all round!

by Justin [Citi[

Hi Justin,Sorry to hear that you have been unsuccessful in passing the SHL tests independently. However, we are glad that you have now found us! If we can help on any other test provider that you may also have been invited to, do get in tuch.Regards,PassPsychometric Team

Can't Complain


Delivered as required - nothing to fault.

by NA [Civil Service]

Hi Sir/Madam,Thank you for your concise comments - please let us know if we can assist further.Regards,PassPsychometric Team



It was definitely worth spending the money as they helped me perform very well in the real test.

by Elizabeth [Bank of England]

We are glad you found the services a good value for money Elizabeth.

Great Online Assistance


Speedy delivery of the service they promise and very prompt in communications.

by Nick Savoy [Diageo]

So Far So Good


So far I have used the services, it has been good.

by Ian Oxford [MI5]

Friendly And Approachable Services


I had some psychometric test queries to iron out and spoke to a very straight forward advisor who was very helpful and confirmed the test details. Very pleased so far. Thank you.

by Mr T Wright [Network Rail]



For the price that they offer, it is a surprisingly good service.

by McKenna K [Clifford Chance]

99 Percentile Score!


The PassPsychometric experts got me the 99th percentile score across my SHL test provider as promised!

by Jacob Mule [Amazon]

Great Help


I could not pass my exams without getting help from PP. PP Experts helped me to pass my Psychometric Exams on the same week. I appreciate it greatly during tough times.

by Rose [GRE]



I failed my old Numerical, Verbal and Logical Reasoning Test. I wanted to be 100% certain that I pass this time as there is a wait for a complete year. I hired Pass Psychometric and I got the pass certification I desperately needed. Thank you so much guys!!!

by Isaiah [PwC]

Transparent And Professional


I needed to pass the notoriously hard Watson Glaser tests for my Clifford Chance law application. I was very nervous as it covers 5 sections: inferences, assumptions, deductions, interpretations and evaluation of arguments, which has to be completed in 50 minutes. I tried to complete them, although my friend told me they are very hard. Upon failing it twice, I found Pass Psychometric who are truly the best across the globe. Their Experts cleared my exam with a high score and I got into the interview. Thank you so much!

by Mrs Raheel [Clifford Chance]



i was busy to apply and the fast service was very helpful

by Hilary [Civil Service]

To The Point


No waffling or time passing conversations. Answered to the point and promptly.

by Harlem Shah [University of Cambridge]



Decent prices and good responses from their team.

by Jeffry [DLA]

So Far So Good


Fast responses and passed the 1st test I gave

by Jade [NHS]

Too Good To Be True


I felt it was too good to be actually true. But I was proved wrong

by Kay [KPMG]

Simply Superb


Deliver exactly what they say and true to their word

by Augustos [Aldi]

Logic Test


After practising many SHL logic questions on sites like jobtestprep, it I was not good enough to obtain the passmark (supposedly around 85%). This site was exceptionally helpful in giving a money-back guarantee offer and they passed them for me on the same day.

by Kareena [HSBC]

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