Practice Psychometric Tests

Practice Psychometric Tests


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Practice Psychometric Tests

Welcome to PassPsychometric’s Practice Psychometric Tests page. We hope you find the information helpful to provide a flavour of the practice support we can offer. The PassPsychometric team of Experts can also help you pass your online reasoning tests under 24 hours with a pass guarantee!

Critical thinking tests are one type of psychometric test where the individual will be judged on the basis of his or her ability to evaluate information that has been collected from different sources. This test is generally used in the graduate, professional and managerial recruitment level.

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Official SHL Numerical Reasoning Questions (scroll down for Answers!)

QUESTION 1: If all staff, were requested to work on assembly line A for Cars, how many cars would be made per day if staff from all others lines, were only required to work their normal daily hours?

Zone 5 Assembly Line

QUESTION 2: If the average cost of a privately owned vehicle, is one-third of income per capita, how much would the entire population of Zone C have spent on privately owned vehicles in total (to the nearest Billion €’s)?

Economic Zones SHL

QUESTION 3: Efficiency is the Operating Cash Flow as a percentage of total costs (Goods Sold & Fixed Costs). What was the efficiency of IPG in 1996?

Efficiency is the Operating Cash Flow as a percentage of total costs (Goods Sold & Fixed Costs). What was the efficiency of IPG in 1996?

QUESTION 4: What is the ratio of per capita income in Zone A to zone C?

QUESTION 5: Across all three economic zones, what is the approximate ratio of the population to total vehicles?

QUESTION 5: The average annual growth rate in Net Sales for the industry from 1995 onwards was 20%. By how many GBP did the Net Sales of IPG exceed the industry average by 1996?

QUESTION 6: Between Which Years Did The Largest Percentage Growth In Sales Margin Occur?

QUESTION 7: Approximately how much profit from the paper from these trees has been generated once the trees have been cut and replaced?

QUESTION 8: Approximately how many trees would Saythel have after cutting down and replacing trees has taken place?

QUESTION 9: Approximately how much money did Rexare GMBH spend on replacing trees for all the trees they cut down in the Exmur woodland?

QUESTION 10: If all woodlands were taken on as a single project, then how many trees (approx) would have to be replanted if ALL of the existing trees in the woodlands were cut down?

QUESTION 11: How many trees would be replaced for thee Leymir woodland after the required trees have been cut down?

QUESTION 12: If sales from December of the previous year to January increased by 40% for double glazing and decreased by 20% for single glazing, what was the ratio of single glazing to double glazing in December of the previous year? 

QUESTION 13: If the speed limit was 31.29 m/s, how many times did the car break him and speed limit during the journey from Liden to Fellip?

QUESTION 14: At 4pm , which method of transport was closest to Fellip?

QUESTION 15: The car was delayed due to a traffic jam 241,350 metres from Litden at 4pm, which cleared at 4.30pm. If the car left Litden at 3pm with the same speed and avoided this delay, what time would the car reach Fellip?

Number sequence problems.

Can you find the next number to replace the “?” for the following sequences? Hint: there will be a underlying rule to find the next numbers – think outside the box!

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Logical Reasoning Practice Question

Can you find the next figure to follow from the preceding shape for the following sequences? Hint: there will be only one correct solution that satisfies all the underlying rules within the sequence.

Logical Reasoning Practice Question

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Answers to the above SHL questions!

Answers to the above Number sequence questions!

Answers to the above Logical Reasoning questions!

Official Talogytech PSI test Answers

QUESTION: Long-range projections often fail to materialize because the forecasting assumptions that must be made cannot take into account...

QUESTION: In order to finance construction of a new park, a city sold tax free...

QUESTION: Alpha, Inc. has contemplated taking over a similar but less well-known corporation. If the merger takes place, Alpha, Inc. will probably change its name and temporarily lower its prices. If the prices are reduced, more merchandise is expected to be purchased....

QUESTION: If a Federal program receives budget increase, volunteers who are already on staff at the time of the increase will receive pay for their...


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