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PassPsychometric have helped a huge number of clients during COVID-19 to pass the TOEFL exam which is now online.

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Extra Information

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The Top 5 Hacks for Mastering The LSAT

Getting into the law programs may sometimes feel as if you are trying for the Olympics. Prospective lawyers have to work hard consistently, pass the exams, shine, get recommendations and references and needless to say pass the LSAT. You can just dream about a simpler process of choosing or qualifying to apply from Law School, then taking the LSAT exams. Until your whimsical fantasies become reality, you can get ready by learning the law school hacks that will bring you closer to your ultimate academic goals.

LSAT Hack 1: Never forget this is a competition

Perhaps that idea for preparing for the Olympics was not quite far away. You and thousands of other students will have to study and get yourselves ready to get the best possible score so that you can win a spot at one of the leading universities in the country. On a rank of one to ten, the LSAT exam is possibly a seven, in deciding whether you make it to the Law school. Therefore, you have to put in the work to shine at this stage.

LSAT Hack 2: Keep Pushing Yourself

It is vital to approach the job in hand with much will power and persistence in getting the job done. Nonetheless, as expected, the initial zeal doesn’t last. That means you have to double your endeavors to get both extrinsic and intrinsic motivational factors to pass through the times when you lose the desire to do anything, and keep less studying from your LSAT exams. To hone the LSAT, you have to get innovative ways to overcome the laziness and keep your motivation pumping. There will be moments when you will feel that you back is stuck against the wall, nut never give up.

LSAT Hack 3: Harnessing Difficult Questions

There is a plan to how the questions are integrated in this exam. Yes, there are extremely hard ones. It is almost like putting the brainiacs on one side and the genius on another. But this is necessary. But here is the deal. All the questions will have same importance in scoring. Hence, your approach should always be in scoring the simpler ones and following with the difficult ones. Is there any other way around? As you want to complete as many questions as possible in the LSAT exam.

LSAT Hack 4: First know the Fundamentals

Another LSAT hack is to know the fundamentals first. Start with the easy things and then work your way up. Just like many other exams, you have a tendency to go in blindly. Nonetheless, we always recommend you to sharpen your skills on conditional reasoning.

LSAT Hack 5: The Voices in your Head

Listening to the best that have passed it successfully is the way to go. This is why we suggest that you should go through the tips of the top LSAT hackers. Alternatively, allow PassPsychometric to help you cheat on the LSAT!

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TOEFL Pass Mark

Although, there is no pass or fail marks for this exam, you need to hit over 108+ to perform well. Unlike the other exams where there is a passing mark in the exam that you need to get in order to qualify, there is no such thing in TOEFL exams. You can score any mark in TOEFL but you can only apply to limited colleges and universities across the globe. Then why does someone pass Experts to pass TOEFL exams? Well, to pass TOEFL exams it requires that you score the minimum mark needed for your course that you are interested to pursue. For example, the University of Cambridge and University of Harvard require at least 112/120 across the TOEFL to secure a university offer.


TOEFL EXAM - Harvard University

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LSAT EXAM - MIT University

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TOEFL EXAM - Michigan University

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