Kenexa Tests

Kenexa Tests

Prepare for your IBM Kenexa test with our numerical, verbal, and logical practice tests that simulate the real Kenexa Prove It! assessment. Outperform your competition and apply with confidence by preparing with our comprehensive guides, detailed answer explanations, and score reports.


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All You Need to Know about Kenexa Assessments

Kenexa, a major assessment provider, has been acquired by IBM to provide aptitude tests and other screening tools for employers’ recruitment needs. IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments are used to measure candidates’ skills, cognitive abilities, personality and suitability for a variety of different jobs.

IBM Kenexa administers over 30 million assessments per year and have over 30 years of behavioural science expertise. IBM Kenexa assessments include the Prove It bundle, a series of online tests which use behavioural evaluation tools to assess candidates’ skills and personal capabilities.

Learn about their three main groups of assessments below.

The Kenexa Infinity Series

There are two different types of tests in the Infinity series:

Numerical reasoning – This Kenexa test is created from a bank of 174 numerical reasoning items that are defined using the three-parameter Item Response Theory model. The numerical reasoning test is 20 minutes in length and contains 20 different questions. It assesses a candidate’s ability to interpret and analyse numerical data, work out percentages, and understand profit margins. Read more about Kenexa numerical reasoning tests.

Verbal reasoning – This 20-minute test is comprised of 24 questions. Candidates are given a paragraph of information followed by a statement. This statement is either true, false, or unable to be determined based on the information contained in the paragraph. The verbal reasoning test assesses if an applicant is able to communicate well with team members and customers. Read more about the Kenexa VRT, or start practising for a Kenexa test here.

Kenexa CAT

Kenexa has recently launched a new system called Computer Adaptive Tests, CAT for short. These are a series of different assessments that increase in difficulty as the test taker progresses. CAT is comprised of three different test types: the Kenexa verbal reasoning test, the Kenexa numerical reasoning test, and the Kenexa logical reasoning test.

The Prove It Series

This series of assessments is much more specific than Kenexa’s general tests. Whereas the numerical and verbal tests can be used for general gathering of information on candidates, the Prove It series tests assess personal abilities in many different areas. Whilst they do reveal personality traits, they do so in a different way than other tests. For example, this series includes a typing skills assessment that is used for secretarial work. If there are any specific tasks expected of a candidate once they receive their desired job, such as computer literacy of a Microsoft product, there are tests available to facilitate this. The Prove It series is a web-based portal where candidates can log in and select the Kenexa test they need to complete. With over 1000 different tests, Kenexa provides employers with a complete testing service.


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