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We are so confident in Our Tutoring Services, that we offer a full refund immediately if you do not meet the GRE or GMAT benchmark!

You can pay someone at PassPsychometric to help you pass your GRE Exam. You can hire our GRE team to help ace the GRE exam in the below:

PassPsychometric have helped a huge number of clients during COVID-19 to pass the GMAT and GRE exam which is now online. If you are looking to gain exam tutoring or ways to pass proctored exams, PassPsychometric is your #1 solution! We help clients on passing all forms of proctored exams and we can help you by-pass any form of Proctor including ProctorU, Pearson OnVUE, Examanity, Respondus and many more!

What scores can PassPsychometric achieve in my GRE?

I want to pay someone to tutor me for my GRE. We hear you! PassPsychometric can help you obtain a minimum of 165+ in the Verbal, Quant and Analytical Writing. But do not simply take our word for it! See our GRE scores below which are over 330+ and GMAT at 700! PassPsychometric.com GRE and GMAT Scores

Does a High GRE and GMAT score matter?

Indeed! The GRE and GMAT score is used to secure a university offer at world-class universities.

PassPsychometric have helped clients secure positions at the most prestigious universities in the world, including:

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We can tutor you for your GRE and GMAT test with you from your PC also!

Extra Information

If you are a GRE participant you definitely want to crack the exam. Do you want to pay someone to do your GRE styled Quants, GRE styled Verbal and GRE styled Analytical Writing today? PassPsychometric.com have a team of GRE Experts who can tutor you to pass the GRE exams today!

View PassPsychometric sample of GRE Scores we have hit!

A very small sample of recent GRE Scores and Proof of our GRE Services below. Scroll down for another 25 screenshots of us sitting proctored exams!

GRE Pass Mark

Although, there is no pass or fail marks for this exam, you need to hit over 330+ to perform well. Unlike the other exams where there is a passing mark in the exam that you need to get in order to qualify, there is no such thing in GRE exams. You can score any mark in GRE but you can only apply to limited colleges and universities across the globe. Then why does someone pass Experts to pass GRE exams? Well, to pass GRE exams it requires that you score the minimum mark needed for your course that you are interested to pursue. For example, the University of Cambridge and University of Harvard require at least 335/340 across the GRE Verbal and GRE Quants to secure a university offer.

Ways to Pass GRE Exam

Today, we are going to discuss the ways in which you can pass your GRE exam. We will discuss the different steps in detail, so that you can easily pass GRE exam – we can tutor you to ace your GRE exam!


Due to COVID, the GRE exam is being taken from home – we can tutor you to pass your real Quants, Verbal and Analytical Writing GRE test from your PC.

PassPsychometric offer a 100% money-back pass guarantee to achieve a score of 330+ on your GRE Quants, GRE Verbal and GRE Analytical Writing Exam!

Another 25 screenshots of helping our clients on proctored exams!

We can share several hundred more screenshots to prove the proctored exam test taking services PassPsychometric offer!

How to pass GRE exam? Can you fail the exam?

With regards to how you can pass a GRE exam there is no hard and fast rule. There is no cut off marks but your GRE score is benchmarked with other candidates. Once you complete the exam, your scores will be shared with you – the percentile in the GRE Verbal, GRE Quantitative Reasoning and GRE Analytical Writing will be visible.

Depending on the marks that you achieve, you can decide whether it is good enough to be sent over to the colleges or universities where you wish to pursue further course of education.

For example: if you are applying for arts and humanities, the quant score of 155 is considered to be sufficient whilst the same number is considered to be very low for computer majors. If you want to guarantee a pass in your GRE exam with 330+ scores, you can hire PassPsychometric.com to tutor you in passing your GRE or GMAT styled tests!

There is one thing here that you need to keep in mind. There are many educational institutions that take into account the percentile. Don’t confuse between percentage and percentile. Both are not the same. The percentile represents the percentage of test takers who have scored higher in the particular subject matter. The higher the percentile the better will be the GRE Score. So now you know how to ace the GRE exam.

How to get a good GRE exam score?

When you get a good GRE exam score you have a better chance to secure the educational institution for your preferred course. In order to get a good GRE exam score you gave to set a goal and have to work around it. Your aim should be to score good sores in Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing (AW) sections. Below, are the steps on how to achieve the same.

Step 1 : Timetable is a must for high GRE exam score

With regards to how to pass GRE exam you should make a timetable that will highlight the areas where you need to score over 330+ in the GRE exam score. Make columns with headings like Verbal, Quant, Aw and school names to confirm the percentile you need. This way you will know which areas/GRE exams you need to concentrate most on.

Step 2: Collect as much GRE Score Information as possible for a high GRE exam score

In this step, you need to look for detailed information on GRE scores, so that you know how to pass GRE exams. Browse through the online sites of the educational institutions that you are interested in. Find out if they have mentioned anything about the GRE score they require. Check out the FAQ pages or any article that discuss about the GRE scores. Look out for minimum GRE score, recommended GRE score and the average GRE score. This will give you an idea so that you can prepare for. Once you know this, pay someone to sit quants GRE, pay someone to sit verbal reasoning GRE exam or pay someone to sit analytical writing GRE exam.

Step 3: Compare Program Competitiveness for significant GRE exam score

If you are not able to find any information regarding the GRE score, you can investigate the overall competitiveness of the courses you are interested in, otherwise you will not know how to pass GRE exam.

Tips on How to Pass the GRE

The easiest and most straight-forward option to score 330+ in your GRE is to pay someone to do GRE exam. However, this may be frowned upon. PassPsychometric can pass help you pass your GRE exam via our exceptional GRE tutors.

We have free tips below. They are really very useful and you are sure to benefit out of them.

Try and follow these tips as much as you can. Alternatively, the easiest solution with a 100% money-back pass guarantee is to pay someone to sit quants GRE or pay someone to sit verbal reasoning GRE exam or pay someone to sit your analytical writing GRE exam. Many such services exist – the decision is yours!

The quickest and easiest alternative to studying several months is to pay someone to sit your GRE exam. PassPsychometric Tutors can help you obtain the Verbal reasoning GRE score, Quantitative Reasoning GRE score or Analytical Writing GRE score as below:


GMAT-STYLED EXAM - Harvard University

PassPsychometric offered me superb GMAT-styled test support which helped in 2 ways. 1. I got to see the specialists tutor me for my GMAT-styled exam from my PC. 2. I could see each answer for the exam to help me pass easily.

GRE-STYLED EXAM - Oxford University

Securing a position at the university of Oxford has been my life-goal. The Proctored Exam was a huge obstacle, but PassPsychometric tutored me for my Proctored Exam and scored the 98th percentile! Thank you.


I wanted to tutoring to pass my GMAT-styled exam. PassPsychometric did an outstanding job and I have secured a job offer!

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