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Ways to cheat on Law Exams

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Our education system is faced with a major problem of cheating. Unqualified applicants cheat on law exam to secure their seats and degrees. Cheating is a malpractice through which we develop an unjust culture.
Some students clear the test as they cheat on law exam, but they can’t adapt to the new economy as they can’t deal with knowledgeable people. According to a research, cheating is more common in state boards than in central boards

Types of cheating

Technology has enhanced the crime of cheating. However, malpractices in the examinations nowadays have become a lucrative business. Lack of knowledge is the main cause that makes students cheat on law exam. Students are concerned about the future and end up cheating. Some of these are major types of cheating in examinations:

Contract cheating
Contract cheating is a relational arrangement between three individuals, like a student, their institution and a third person who carries out tests for the former to be given to the latter but whose involvement is not permitted. The epidemic of contract cheating presents a substantial danger to the expectations and consistency of higher education all over the world. Suggestions gave been made to solve the problem through legislative techniques, but we consider that the current laws are not suitable for this job.
Some of these worries come in our mind when we determine to enact laws against the offence of copying in examinations:
• Will it answer the aspects of contract cheating?
• Can it be done in a different way? If not, who is actually that should be charged and what crime are they doing?
• Does changing the legal status of these offences of contract cheating make it impossible to happen?
• Would the suggested new law against different worries that should be addressed before any legislative solution will be successful?
These above mentioned are some worries associated to the enactment of new laws against the offence to cheat on law exam. Further in this post, not only the suggested solutions to such worries would be discussed, but also discuss an assortment of possible unexpected impacts and also determine that a legit solution is viable.

There are a huge number of hurdles to be addressed if the international higher education sector and policy makers want to follow a legislative solution to prevent cheat on law exam. Particular regulations will be possibly added, which harness the issue of purpose to assist analysis and cheating of how they will work across foreign boundaries.
Even if these can be overcome, nonetheless, it is not completely apparent that a legal approach will be successful, and that we will ever know, or it would address the offence of students cheat on law exam. However, people believe that a legal approach should be taken seriously as it would meet the two main criteria for supporting a prosecution. Evidence would be accessible and it would be in the public interest. Through practice and concept, contract theft is actually unethical and presents a possible hazard to the quality of higher education. They gave realistic suggestions to follow a regulatory solution.

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