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Cheat on Duolingo Test


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How to pass Doulingo Test

Yes! You can pay someone at PassPsychometric to sit your Duolingo Exam. You can hire our Duolingo test taking team to pass any Duolingo test e.g.:

PassPsychometric have helped a huge number of clients during COVID-19 to pass their home-based Duolingo test which is now online.

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If you are searching for evidence of PassPsychometric sitting the Duolingo Test, we have screenshots for you below! View the screenshots below to gain proof of PassPsychometric services and the previous clients we have helped to pass the Duolingo Test, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and many more proctored exams!

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We have hundreds of screenshots and live videos of sitting proctored exams. There is another collection below which you can view!

Top Tips to pass the Duolingo Test

If you are planning on appearing for the Duolingo English exam, then check out the top tips for passing with the high score that you desire.

You will be asked to complete different tasks that test your writing and listening skills, reading, speaking using the Duolingo score system but in association to TOEFL and IELTS scoring. You can expect chores like:

Select the real words from a written test

In this chore you are given a list of words, some real and some made up and asked to select only the right ones.

Select the real words from an audio list

Just like the previous task but instead of reading, you listen to the words being given orally before choosing the actual words.

Finish the words in a paragraph

This chore needs you to complete the missing letters in chosen words in a given paragraph. You are being tested on a vocabulary knowledge, grammar structures and sentence formation.

Type the statement that you hear

An easy chore of writing what you hear with the choice to repeat the audio three times. Here you are tested on your spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and listening skills.

Record yourself saying a statement given

This chore is all about pronunciation of individual words but also your sentence stress and intonation knowledge. Keep in mind that English is a stress based language which implies that some syllables will be longer or shorter, unlike other languages like French or Spanish for instance.

Speak the English word for every image

This time instead of being given a word to pronounce you will be tested on your vocabulary knowledge and also your general pronunciation. If you are not sure about the word that you are seeing, you can always take a guess.

Write at least one sentence regarding the given image

This chore is asking you to think about your writing structures using descriptive language. You will have to write complete sentences that have ideal punctuation and give the reader an idea of what is being shown in the picture.

Final Tips to pass Duolingo test

This exam has been designed to test your general level of English and it is not based on particular exam methods required for tests such as TEOFL and IELTS. The best way to prepare for this is to enhance your regular language by taking classes with a teacher or doing some kind of self study. When someone contacts us to hire someone to sit Duolingo English test, we always suggest students to take responsibility for their own learning and study on their own rather than planning to cheat on Duolingo exam. We think the most efficient way for a student to get better is by blending this with lessons from a qualified English teacher. However, if you have limited time, you can certainly pay PassPsychometric to cheat on the Duolingo test: email

Preparing for any kind of test can be scary but at pass Psychometric, we are here to assist you to pass Duolingo Test. If you want to hire someone to sit Duolingo English test, then why not contact us at Pas Psychometric where one of our qualified and experienced teachers can assist you accomplish your goal?

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As PassPsychometric, we respect and value your time. You may not have time to prepare for the Duolingo test. You may be busy with your Visa applications, University applications of job applications (we can help on all this!). However, you can simply get in contact with us, if you want us to pass the Duolingo test on your behalf with a 100% money-back pass guarantee!

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Duolingo Exam - Pearson Language Test, 2024

Being an Indian native, I was not confident in passing the Duolingo Exam. But, PassPsychometric scored 90th percentile in my Duolingo and helped me within 2 weeks!

Duolingo Exam - Pearson Language Test, 2024

Having applied to International Universities in the UK, I was required to perform in the 95th percentile on the Duolingo Exam. Thanks to PassPsychometric i managed to by-pass Pearson and secure the university of my dreams!

Duolingo Test - University Of Cambridge, 2024

I wanted to secure my Masters at University of Cambridge. However, being an international customer, I had to pass the Duolingo test. I kept failing it! But then my friend referred me

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