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Case Interview cheat sheet

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If you are planning to read the case interview cheat sheet on simple text, we have included all the information here.

A case interview cheat sheet is a beneficial tool as you get ready for consulting case study interview. There are 5-10 frameworks that can assist you crack almost any case study interview. While creating a case study interview framework, interviewers are ascertaining your critical thinking skills and business insightfulness to check if you can capture the relevant points for the business issue in an organized way.

Thereby, it is not sufficient to memorize case study interview frameworks or try to force a case issue to fit into your framework. Applying a framework onto a wrong situation will not allow you to get all the right information during the case study interview, as you may delve into aspects that are irrelevant and miss elements that are vital for cracking the case.   Using the default frameworks also comes across as sterile and robotic. Believe us; it doesn’t look good to an interviewer.

Therefore, it is vital to apply a fit for purpose framework to the case and blend and match aspects of the framework as required. To assist you know which framework to use for every type of business issue you might encounter, access our case interview cheat sheet.

How do I know which framework to use?

When you first start the case study interview, you will be given a reminder that you have to break down. First of all, it is vital to realize the way to pass Mckinsey interview and the scenario you are looking forward to solve, as you can’t solve an issue that you don’t understand. Scenarios may include:

  • Enhance revenue: This is quite a common scenario and can come in an assortment of flavors:
  • Rolling Out a New Product
  • Entering a new market
  • Diagnosing the problem and detecting areas for development: This is the widest revenue question. Generally, the interviewer is looking for you to first pinpoint why the revenue of the client is below target and then hypothesize ways the client can enhance its revenue. The ways the client can enhance revenue may include the above mentioned aspects.
  • Enhance operations/ Cut costs- This scenario is less common than the enhance revenue” scenario. Nonetheless, it is still vital to realize the various aspects this reminder can centre around. Elements include:
  • Optimizing footprint
  • Outsourcing
  • Diagnosing the problem and detecting areas for development: This is the broadest cost query, given you will have to realize which functions and operations are driving costs. Then, you will have to hypothesize ways to lessen costs.
  • Enhance profitability: This is the most common situation, blending aspects from the revenue and cost scenarios.

McKinsey Case Interview

Based on the situation, there are some frameworks to pass McKinsey interview that can be used. In a nutshell, there are thumb rules to pass Mckinsey interview frameworks can be used for every situation.

At Pass Psychometric, we have assisted thousands of candidates get ready for their consulting interviews and pass Mckinsey interview.

If you pass Mckinsey interview, you will be invited for an interview. To pass Mckinsey interview, you will have to answer two types of questions: case interview questions and fit or behavioral interview question.

If you are applying for a job at a consulting company, it is likely that you will have to face the case interview at least once. In this interview, you will be asked to analyze a hypothetical business issue and emerge with the solutions. The questions of the case interview are designed to test your ability to think analytically when you are under stress, with incomplete information. While case interviews rarely have just one right answer, there is a proper way to approach them.

Hacking the Case Interview

First of all, if you don’t already have the best approach how to pass the case interview, you have to think about hacking the case interview with a 100% guarantee – which PassPsychometric can offer!.  Practice the sample questions with your friends or hire someone to pass the interview. While you are thinking through the issues, focus on the three P’s that are Persuasiveness, Pose and Presentation.

Tips to assist you crack the marketing size questions every time

Listen mindfully to the material presented. Take notes if you have to, and make sure to ask questions if you are not sure about the details.

Take your time. You are not expected to have an amazing solution to a complex issue on the tip of your tongue. If you require a couple of minutes to collect your thoughts and work through your answer, say that.

This is where the case interview cheat sheet comes in.  Your interviewer will be able to tell if you wrote down your answers and are reciting them instead of emphasizing on having a conversation and making a connection with the person you are speaking to.

You can use our case interview cheat sheet to prepare some main points beforehand to serve as reminders. We have purposely designed it to not have much room for your answers. It all comes down to some vital phrases and words that will remind you about the essentials while enabling you to keep your answers spontaneous and natural.

While it might be beneficial to write your thoughts before your interview, you should not do it on your case interview cheat sheet. Rather, keep every bullet to a few phrases or words to remind yourself what you mainly wanted to bring up.

For the case interview cheat sheet, give every story a title that reminds you what happened and ass particular details or numbers that may be hard to recall in the moment.

Recognize the top three things that make you enthusiastic about working for this organization and summarize them in some words for your case interview cheat sheet. Try to make at least one of them about the work the organization is doing and how you want to be conducive.

As much information here is specific to every role, you should fill up a new case interview cheat sheet for every case interview you do. So having a case interview cheat sheet can assist, however it also has the potential to spoil your interview.

Don’t allow your notes to lead the discussion. Sometimes candidates that prepare a case interview cheat sheet don’t listen to or answer the question that was asked. Rather, they cut off and interject their notes into the conversation.

Hire someone to pass the Case Interview

A   case interview cheat sheet can help you ease the process. However, a case interview cheat sheet can also get you into trouble. Therefore, you will have to be very careful while using it.

If you are confused how to cheat on case interviews, we can assist. We bring to you different innovative ways on how to cheat on case interviews. However, if you are planning about how to cheat on case interviews, you have to be very careful about that. It will be detrimental for you if you get caught cheating. That is why we bring to you the most brilliant ideas on how to cheat on case interviews. Our ideas on how to cheat on case interviews are tested and hence they work effectively. We bring to you the best ideas on how to cheat on case interviews.

You can also hire someone to pass the interview.  If you hire someone to pass the interview, it may cost you some money, but you will get guaranteed results.  However, the idea to hire someone to pass the interview may also turn out to be dangerous for you. Therefore you will have to be very careful when you hire someone to pass the interview.

The best guide for case interview cheat sheet

You may also think about hacking the case interview. However, for hacking the case interview, you have to be an IT expert.  The idea of hacking the case interview is easier said than done. There are complex procedures involved for hacking the case interview. You also have to be careful while hacking the case interview. If you get caught while hacking the case interview, you may also face imprisonment.  Hence, unless you are that much tech savvy, don’t even think about hacking the case interview.

Marketing Size Questions

If you get marketing size questions in your case, interview, you will have to really prepare for it. Marketing size questions are quite elaborate and hence detailed preparation is required to answer them properly.  Getting ready with your marketing size questions will also make you more confident during your case interview session. Hence thorough preparation of marketing size questions is essential.

Cheat on consulting cases

If you want to cheat on consulting cases, then you can get in touch with us. As we mentioned above, if we believed all the claims made of these frameworks an easy case interview frameworks can help you cheat on consulting cases and solve all the business problems. The idea to cheat on consulting cases may turn out to be dangerous but may turn out to be very beneficial if you can cheat on consulting cases without getting caught. Our advice to you is to always maintain honesty and never plan to cheat on consulting cases.



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