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Numerical Reasoning Tests


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Numerical Reasoning Psychometric Tests – an overview

A Numerical reasoning test is essentially a number-related assessment. Numerical reasoning tests are the most common type of aptitude psychometric tests that candidates are required to pass. Numerical reasoning tests are administered to candidates applying for a range of roles from: internship, graduate, supervisory, managerial, sales and professional hire positions. Numerical reasoning tests can be assessed with other aptitude tests, such as Inductive/Logical Reasoning Tests and Verbal Reasoning Tests – our Numerical Experts can help you pass on any online test; whatever the deadline and from your PC via screen-share!

Numerical Reasoning Psychometric Tests – how PassPsychometric will help you pass

We can tutor you on numerical reasoning test (independently or via screen-share) – with a guaranteed pass and a score up to 100%
Provide real numerical reasoning test questions that previous candidates have been assessed on
Receive step-by-step walk through’s for several numerical reasoning examples to ensure you can deal effectively in the given time constraints

Numerical Reasoning Psychometric Tests – what is involved

Multiple-choice questions with four to six options – only one correct answer
Timed on the entire test (e.g. SHL) or each question (TalentQ Korn Ferry) – depending on the test provider
Free use of pen, paper and calculator
Both online and paper based numerical reasoning tests are available

Numerical Reasoning Psychometric Tests – abilities being assessed

Basic Math – use of four basic operations
Dealing with percentages, proportions and ratios
Using personal judgment for estimations
Graph and data analysis
Speed and accuracy (although the weighting varies depending on the test provider)

Numerical Reasoning Psychometric Tests – key test providers PassPsychometric can pass for you

SHL (CEB) numerical reasoning tests
Talent Central numerical reasoning tests
Kenexa (IBM Corporation) numerical reasoning tests
Korn Ferry numerical reasoning tests
Talent Q numerical reasoning tests
Saville numerical reasoning tests
Cubiks numerical reasoning tests
Cut-e Partnership numerical reasoning tests
Test Partnership numerical reasoning tests
Revelian numerical reasoning tests
CAPP Immersive reasoning tests
Imbellus reasoning tests
And more!


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Help on Numerical Reasoning Test

Are you preparing for a numerical reasoning test with SHL, TalentQ, Korn Ferry, or Aon Maptq Cut-e? You are in the right place to cheat on numerical reasoning tests with a 100% money-back pass guarantee. At PassPsychometric, we are here to help you succeed in your numerical reasoning assessment. Numerical reasoning tests are a common hurdle in the hiring process, and we provide the numerical test taking services to offer a 100% money-back pass guarantee.

Why Choose PassPsychometric?

Comprehensive Resources: Our platform offers a wealth of practice tests, study guides, and expert tips tailored to each of these assessment providers. We cover the nuances of each test to ensure you're fully prepared.
Realistic Practice Tests: We provide realistic, timed practice tests that closely mimic the actual assessments. This allows you to get comfortable with the format and pressure of the test.
Detailed Solutions: Our answers and explanations help you understand where you went wrong and how to improve. Learning from mistakes is a crucial part of your success.
Personalized Feedback: We offer personalized feedback and performance tracking, so you can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and focus your efforts effectively.
Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced professionals is available to answer your questions and provide expert guidance on tackling numerical reasoning questions effectively.

PassPsychometric Results

Thousands of candidates have successfully used PassPsychometric to ace their numerical reasoning tests and secure their dream jobs. Allow our team of successful numerical reasoning test-takers to pass your test and take the first step toward a brighter future. Do not let numerical reasoning tests stand in the way of your career goals. Choose PassPsychometric and embark on your journey to success. Get started today and pass your assessments with confidence!

Pass the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

1. Purpose: SHL numerical reasoning tests are designed to evaluate an individual's quantitative skills and their ability to interpret and analyze numerical information. These tests are commonly used in recruitment and selection processes.
2. Format: SHL numerical reasoning tests are typically multiple-choice and presented in an online or paper-based format. Candidates are given a series of data sets, charts, graphs, and tables, and they must answer questions based on the information provided.
3. Content: The content of SHL numerical reasoning tests can vary based on the specific job role and industry. Common topics include percentages, ratios, proportions, averages, currency conversion, and data interpretation.
4. Difficulty Levels: SHL offers numerical reasoning tests at different difficulty levels, ranging from basic to advanced, allowing employers to tailor assessments to the requirements of specific roles
5. Time Limit: SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests are usually timed, with candidates having a set amount of time to complete the questions. The time limit can vary, but it's typically tight to assess how well candidates perform under pressure.
6. Scoring: Scores are typically calculated based on the number of correct answers. Some tests may also penalize for incorrect answers, so it's essential to manage time and accuracy effectively.
7. Preparation: Adequate preparation is crucial to performing well in SHL numerical reasoning tests. Candidates can use practice materials, study guides, and sample questions to familiarize themselves with the format and content.
8. Common Variants: SHL offers various numerical reasoning test variants, such as inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and critical reasoning, to assess different cognitive abilities.
9. Industry Usage: SHL numerical reasoning tests are widely used across different industries and job roles, including finance, management, engineering, and more.
10. Accessibility: SHL Numerical Reasoning tests are accessible and can be administered online, making it convenient for both employers and candidates.

Pass the Talent Q Korn Ferry Numerical Reasoning Test

Advanced Data Visualization: Korn Ferry's tests often feature complex data visualizations, including intricate charts and graphs. This challenges candidates to interpret and analyze data in a more detailed and nuanced manner.
Emphasis on Business Context: Korn Ferry's numerical reasoning tests tend to incorporate scenarios and questions that directly relate to the business context of the role. This can include financial, market, or operational data relevant to the specific job.
Integrated Assessments: In some cases, Korn Ferry may integrate numerical reasoning assessments with other cognitive assessments, such as logical reasoning or verbal reasoning, to provide a more holistic evaluation of a candidate's cognitive abilities.
Realistic Work Situations: The numerical reasoning questions in Korn Ferry tests are often designed to mirror real-world work situations. This approach ensures that the assessments are directly applicable to the demands of the job.
Adaptive Testing: Korn Ferry may use adaptive testing, where the difficulty level of questions adjusts based on a candidate's responses. This provides a more tailored evaluation and can make the assessment more challenging for high-performing candidates.
Interactive Scenarios: Some Korn Ferry tests incorporate interactive elements, allowing candidates to interact with the data, adjust variables, and make decisions, similar to tasks they might encounter in their potential job roles.
Detailed Feedback: Korn Ferry often provides detailed feedback on a candidate's performance, which can be valuable for identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
Customization for Industries: Korn Ferry offers industry-specific numerical reasoning tests tailored to the unique demands of various sectors, such as finance, healthcare, or technology.


- Audit Graduate Programme, 2023

PwC have many stages to pass on their application process – from the online application, to psychometric tests (including the notorious SHL numerical reasoning test!), several interviews and the assessment centre. At literally every stage, PassPsychometric helped me hugely. I secured an offer for later this year following COVID-19. I cannot wait to begin my career!

- Finance Graduate Leadership Programme, 2023

I saw the spectacular numerical reasoning test scores for the Lloyds psychometric tests that was achieved by PassPsychometric. They got me superb scores also for my personal Lloyds Banking Group CAPP psychometric tests. Obtaining the highest scores possible was the edge I needed to gaining an entry at a globally recognised bank such as Lloyds.

- Software Development Engineer Graduate Scheme, 2023

Amazon are very competitive in their psychometric tests and I needed over the 85th percentile to pass my Amazon psychometric tests. PassPsychometric took my Amazon SHL numerical and verbal reasoning test LIVE from my computer!

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