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Psychometric Tests – an overview

Most likely, you are here to pass your Psychometric test, which is a very unfair way of assessing your capabilities to perform on the job. This is where you can pay Psychometric Test Takers at PassPsychometric to pass your online reasoning tests! Psychometric tests are standardised measurements to test knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits - effectively, a simple way for HR to filter candidates. Psychometric tests are being used extensively in commercial, academic and educational situations with their popularity consistently increasing to ‘filter’ candidates. In today’s economic climate, it can be extremely difficult in acquiring that dream job – especially due to the difficultly caused by COVID-19 impacting the global landscape, further deteriorated by advancements in AI. It is now crucial to truly impress your future employer by passing psychometric tests in the top percentiles. This is where PassPsychometric Psychometric Experts can help to cheat on Psychometric Tests.

Pass psychometric tests

PassPsychometric Services

Whichever organisation or industry you apply for, the requirement to pass online aptitude and psychometric tests is consistently increasing. Approximately, 75% of UK Times Top 100 and 80% of US Fortune 500 Companies, are assessing the candidates future based on this. If you are looking to pay someone to sit psychometric tests, or simply want to pay someone to 'Sit My Assessments', then PassPsychometric are here to help! We can help you cheat tests to gain perfect scores (with strict confidentiality) for your psychometric test across any test provider, for instance:

Psychometric Tests – PassPsychometric Pass Guarantee

Pass your online reasoning tests on your first go! PassPsychometric can help you obtain 97+ percentiles, which include psychometric tests based on: Numerical Reasoning Tests, Verbal Reasoning Tests, Logical Reasoning Tests, Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests, Inductive Reasoning Tests, Abstract Reasoning Tests, SJT and Personality Questionnaires. The three most common test providers are: SHL (CEB / Talent Central), AON maptq cut-e and CAPP.

We can help you cheat on psychometric tests and pass them with a guarantee. If you are looking for psychometric test help tutors, then PassPsychometric is your one-stop shop providing all forms of test help tutoring, interview tutoring, assessment tutoring and more. At PassPsychometric, we feel, that psychometric tests are not necessarily, an accurate way of assessing how well suited a candidate is to the job. Thus, PassPsychometric provide several forms of help to ensure you can pass any aptitude test – even if the deadline is within a day!

Psychometric Tests – why choose

If you want to pass psychometric tests for any other sector or organisation, contact PassPsychometric who have psychometric test takers that you can pay to sit your Psychometric test.

Additional Psychometric Test Information

If you are preparing for a psychometric test or preparing for online reasoning tests, you no longer need to prepare! PassPsychometric can you to take your assessments and you can pay someone to sit Psychometric tests! Our Psychometric Test Takers are your dedicated Experts who will help you to ace these psychometric tests with a 100% money-back pass guarantee. You can avail our free comprehensive resources (including practice psychometric questions) and hire test taking Experts to safely pass your tests! Psychometric Test Preparation. Whilst it may be optimal to find psychometric test preparation online, it is not the most effective way to pass psychometric tests. Passing a psychometric test requires significant level of commitment and preparation. This is why, PassPsychometric has tailored psychometric test with ACTUAL test questions that are crafted to meet the unique demands of various psychometric assessments. Whether you are facing a numerical test, verbal test, or abstract reasoning test, PassPsychometric can help you cheat on psychometric tests with a 100% pass guarantee. Online Reasoning Test Practice. Online reasoning tests are a crucial component of modern recruitment processes, so it paramount that you pass online reasoning tests: either by yourself or paying someone to sit online reasoning tests and taking your assessments. At PassPsychometric, we offer a wide range of online reasoning test services, which will guarantee that you crack online reasoning tests: safely and quickly.

Numerical Reasoning Tests
Situational Judgement Tests
Logical Reasoning Test
Inductive Reasoning Tests

Psychometric Tests – types of psychometric tests

On the whole, psychometric tests for selection and assessment can be grouped into two broad categories: cognitive ability psychometric tests (aptitude tests) and personality-styled questionnaires. Aptitude tests are measures of cognitive ability (intelligence) and personality questionnaires measure specific personality behaviours. Within cognitive ability psychometric tests, a variety of specific aptitudes can be identified and analysed, using the following:

Personality Questionnaires are more multipurpose and can highlight the key following traits:

Other psychometric tests, such as Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s) have resemblance with both cognitive ability tests and personality questionnaires.

PassPsychometric Services

PassPsychometric have a simple goal. We want to ensure that psychometric tests are not a cause for an individual to be discouraged in making an application. Your future rests on the outcome of unfair psychometric tests - PassPsychometric will make your dream into a reality.

Psychometric Support Services @ PassPsychometric

PassPsychometric have several support methods to help you pass psychometric tests and pass online reasoning tests: quick and with a guarantee. Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced Psychometric test takers and test testing experts can be hired to help you cheat on psychometric tests and secure that dream job! Realistic Simulations: We understand the importance of being well-prepared. That's why our platform offers realistic simulations of psychometric and reasoning tests. By familiarising yourself with the test environment, you will be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. PassPsychometric have curated comprehensive resources that provide insights into the nuances of psychometric assessments. Benefit from our 'How to prepare for Psychometric tests' Experts and use their knowledge to pass psychometric tests with ease. Comprehensive Resources: From video tutorials and practice exercises to in-depth guides on tackling different question types, our resources cover all aspects of psychometric testing. PassPsychometric aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to perform your best. Progress Tracking: Keep tabs on your improvement with our progress tracking tools. Identify your strengths and areas for growth, enabling you to tailor your preparation effectively. Simply email for further information. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Our online platform is accessible 24/7, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience. Whether you're a student, job seeker, or professional, PassPsychometric is here to support you.

How to Get Started to Pass Psychometric Tests

Choose a Test Package: Pay someone to sit your specific psychometric test or online reasoning test that you are preparing for. For example, a SHL online reasoning numerical test. Access Resources: Gain instant access to a wealth of resources including practice tests, video tutorials, and strategy guides. Alternatively you can cheat on psychometric tests by paying someone to sit psychometric tests. Practice and Improve: Work through practice questions, track your progress, and fine-tune your skills, using our free Practice Tests. Ace Your Assessment: PassPsychometric will help you excel in your psychometric test or online reasoning test: including the assessment centre! Don't let psychometric tests and online reasoning tests intimidate you. With PassPsychometric by your side, you have the tools and support to rise above the competition and showcase your true potential. Start your journey towards success today!


PWC - Graduate Programme In Audit, 2023

I was hired in the Graduate Audit Programme with PwC! Without passing the online PwC psychometric tests, I would seriously not have received the job offer in Audit! I have been given the Study Support and Scheme at PwC to qualify as an Accountant also. Thank you so much PassPsychometric!

CLIFFORD CHANCE -Experienced Hire Lawyer, 2023

After being a lawyer for over 6 years in the industry, I was seeking a promotion. Surprisingly, it was a requirement to pass psychometric tests to receive an interview. I researched for websites to help me pass psychometric tests, but most of them required me to go through hundred of practise questions. PassPsychometric understood my needs with the short deadline and helped me get through to the interview stage.

GOLDMAN SACHS - Investment Banking Division, 2023

I wanted to hire experts to take my assessments. I cannot fault any aspect of Pass Psychometric and their services. Delivered on time as promised and lived up to the pass guarantee offer for my online numerical and verbal reasoning tests by Talent Central.

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