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How difficult is the CFE Exam

You will delve into the captivating world of fraud, the way it happens, by whom, why and how to identify and prevent it. Anti-fraud work is a versatile, intellectually electrifying discipline that, when practiced along with passion, can save people and businesses from financial and reputational disaster. While preparing for the CFE exam, you will become an expert professional who is ready to build a lucrative career built on doing well for the world.

How to get ready for the CFE exam

PassPsychometric provide four ways to study for the CFE exam.  Each one is based on your schedule, learning and requirements.

  1. We pass your exam. Unlike any practice or tutoring service online, you can hire Experts to sit your CFE Exam online!
  2. Online learning: If you want to get ready at your own sped online, you can use the CFE exam preparation course, including practice exams and study questions.
  3. Learn real time lessons: If you want to get ready in an instructor based classroom environment, either virtually or live, you have to enroll for a CFE exam  This course covers everything you should know to successfully pass CFE exam.
  4. Study on your own: If you want to get ready on your own, use a manual to pass CFE exam.

The steps to cheat on CFE test

Step 1: Apply for the CFE exam

You should meet the eligibility requirements to become a CFE.

Your eligibility to participate in the CFE exam is decided by a point system. Check your eligibility with us.

You should also provide documentation, including details of professional work experience, professional recommendations and proof of education.

Step 2: Prepare for the CFE Exam

If you do not have sufficient time, you can pay CFE exam specialists at PassPsychometric to sit your exam. Simply email

Step 3:  Sit for the CFE Exam

Once you have finished your preparation and applied, you are ready to sit for the CFE exam.

By passing all the four sections of the CFE exam, your exam application, supportive documentation, proctoring sessions and exam results will be submitted to the Certification Committee for the final review.

One might think that the CFE exam makes the fraud professional better, but they do not understand the hard work behind it. Here are some easy steps to pass CFE exam in 4 weeks with the CFE exam Review course. Our authorized trainers will guide you and train with dedicated meeting room training on the core subjects, calibrated with the pattern of the exam.

Things to know when sitting the CFE Exam

  1. Become an associate Member

You should be a member to sit for the exam and to pass CFE exam. When a candidate enrolls with Pass Psychometric, they are offered the administration support for the entire process.

Becoming an associate member is the first step to pass CFE exam as only ACFE members can become CFEs. ACFE is accepted throughout the world as the standard for professional excellence in the anti-fraud profession.

  1. Find out of you are eligible based on professional and academic qualifications

To become a Certified Fraud Examiner, you should be an associate member of the ACFE and meet the professional and academic needs with high morale and deciding to adhere by the code and the laws of professional ethics of the ACFE.

Speaking of professional needs, the candidates should have at least two years of professional experience in a field indirectly or directly associated with the deterrence or detection of fraud. If the candidate doesn’t have two years of professional experience, he or she needs at least 40 qualifying points to sit for the Certified Fraud Examiner exam. With two years of experience and 50 minimum points, the candidate will pass CFE exam.

Get ready for the Certified Fraud Examiner exam

Get ready for the Certified Fraud Examiner exam. The Certified Fraud Examiner exam will test the knowledge of the candidate in fur main areas, such as Fraud Prevention and Deterrence, Investigation, Law, Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes. There are three ways to get ready to pass CFE exam. The candidate may study with this exam preparation course, attend the exam review course or study themselves using the fraud examiners manual to pass CFE exam.

The final option is to cheat on the CFE exam by hiring CFE specialists at PassPsychometric.

How to pass this exam

Being consistent in your preparations is the secret to pass this exam. The best ingredients to cheat on CFE exam are the right set of resources, study material and the ideal strategy. It is definitely your ideal instrument for revising just before the exam.

The idea to cheat on CFE exam does offer some advantage to the people in their professional career. Nonetheless, certification exams are truly hard and they need much hard work, practice and preparation. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the certification exams are generally harder than regular and conventional exams.

To cheat on CFE exam is a serious business. Prometric testing centers have rigorous policies and procedures to prevent any candidate to cheat on CFE exam. Moreover, different state boards of Accountancy have laid serious penalties if you cheat on CFE exam. Here is what you should know before being accused of trying to cheat on CFE exam or any kind of misconduct.

How to cheat on this exam

Are you surprised by the heading?  Generally, the things that are  considered as finding a candidate to cheat on CFE exam is determined by every Jurisdiction Board of Accountancy and state, but most follow quite similar standards. Here are the major categories of cheating in this exam:

  • Misrepresenting or falsifying educational certifications to be able to sit for the exam in the first place.
  • Communicating with other test candidates regarding the exam content, or copying the answers of any other candidate.
  • Communicating with anyone but the test center staff while the exam is going on.
  • Bringing textbooks or a sheet or any other digital or print media into the testing area to cheat on CFE exam
  • Violating the non-disclosure agreement or assisting someone else to cheat on CFE exam

Basically, not only you should never cheat on CFE exam, but you should also refrain from telling anyone else what is on the exam.

Tips for CFE Exam Test takers

We will make this exam more accessible to the international CFE Exam Test takers and offer all the candidates a seamless exam experience. This change also offers an option for the CFE Exam Test takers, who may have logistical or technological challenges with using the remote testing platform.

This change will impact you if you have not completed and passed all the four sections. We will communicate directly with the CFE Exam Test takers to offer particular guidance on transitioning to the new system.

CFE Exam Test takers have two hours to complete every section of the CFE exam. Though the entire exam time is 8 hours, every section of the exam can be taken separately as long as the CFE Exam Test takers complete all the sections within 60 days.

CFE exam pass rate

Usually, this exam is known to be quite challenging, with the CFE exam pass rate around 50-60%. This post is meant to discover the different aspects of the CFE exam, including the exam format and the subjects covered, to offer a detailed overview of the difficulty of the exam. We understand it is hard to accept the CFE exam pass rate but it our responsibility to unveil the reality before everyone.




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CFE Exam
- Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

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CFE Exam
- Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Thank you so much PassPsychometric who I hired to sit my CFE exam and take all 400 questions.

CFE Exam
- Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

I failed CFE certification many times, until I found PassPsychometric who passed my CFE! Just amazing service.

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